• Stock Broking

    The Group's stockbroking activities are handled by Upbest Securities which is a participant of the Stock Exchange. In addition, Upbest Securities is registered as both dealer and investment adviser under the Securities and Futures Ordinance.Clients can place orders online or by telephone for securities listed on the Stock Exchange.


  • Margin financing

    The Group extends credit facilities to clients who wish to purchase securities on a margin basis through Upbest Investment.


  • Corporate Finance Advisory

    The Group conducts its corporate finance business through Upbest Securities including financial advisory work, placement of securities and underwriting and sub-underwriting of Hong Kong listed securities.

  • Futures Broking

    The Group's futures broking business is conducted through Upbest Commodities which was registered as a commodities dealer.


  • Asset management

    The Group provides asset management services to the public through Upbest Assets. Upbest Assets has been registered as an investment adviser with the SFC and intends to provide investment and asset management services for discretionary and non-discretionary funds.