fter the online securities trading account is opened, how do I receive my log-in number and password?
When we accept your application ,account number will be mailed within three business days by email or mail to your mailing address.

  • What should I do if I forget my online securities trading account number and password?
    Please contact our customer services hotline 25440827 and notify your customers officer. After successful verification of identity, we will reset a new password and send it to your corresponding address by mail.

    How could I cancel or change my trading orders if my computer suddenly hangs-up or disconnects?
    If you are unable to change or cancel trading orders through your computer, please contact our customer services hotline 25440827.

    Why my trading orders not being accepted?
    You could find out the reason in the status column of trading order.
    For example, there are several conditions that your orders are not accepted:
    a) Your account does not have enough cash or stock; or
    b) You have issued several buy orders, but the cash for these incomplete orders will be deducted  from your account temporally, until you cancel those orders.

    Can I have daily statement by email?
    Please contact our customer services to fill in and sign the related form. We will email the daily statement to you.

    How much is the online trading fees?
    The cost of trading will be deducted directly from your cash account.
    Please click here for the list of charges.

    How much is the quote service charge?
    Quote Service will be charged at HK$350 per month, on turnover of HK$500,000 or more, the quote service charge will be waived.

    How to make payment to us?
    You can deposit into our company bank account, please click here for details.

    What are the systems requirements for online securities trading?
    Internet browser for Microsoft IE6.0 or above
    a) Equipped with 128-bit high encryption
    b) Resolution set to 800 x 600 or higher; and
    c) 56k or higher internet speed.